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Flavored Coffee Collection

Flavored Coffee Collection

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"Fill your cup" with our delicious flavors! Use the drop down to select your flavor. ALL orders ship within 7-10 business days. We roast in small batches to maintain quality, consistency and freshness. 

Ground bags of our delicious, medium-roasted, gourmet flavored coffee. 

Our most popular and seasonal flavors available in 8oz bags. Each bag makes 35-40 8oz cups of coffee, depending on your brewing style. 

Seasonal Flavor Choices:

Grateful Grogg- *now also available in DECAF* butterscotch, caramel and vanilla blend

Balanced Birthday Cake- buttery vanilla cake

Lucky Buckeye Candy- chocolate with peanut butter 

Dreamy Chocolate Donut- delicious chocolate iced donut

Bright Banana Nut Bread - "fresh from the oven”

Fearless French Toast - maple with cinnamon

Truthful English Toffee - caramel toffee with a buttery rich flavor

Contentment Cookie - cinnamon and hazelnut cookie 

Compassionate Creme Brulee - vanilla custard topped with brown sugar

Cheerful Caramel Creme - a traditional caramel flavor

Creative Chocolate Mint- chocolate and creme de menthe flavor